Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project
The Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project (SSHP) is a small run-of-the-river with an installed capacity of 2.6MW. It is situated in the Dhuskun VDC of Sindhupalchowk district.



Located on the Sunkoshi river in Dhuskun VDC of Sindhupalchowk District, Sanima Hydropower (P.) Ltd first received the license to conduct a feasibility study of the Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project (SSHP) from the Government of Nepal (then His Majesty’s Government) in 1999.

SSHP was the first in many things as a project. It was the first Hydropower Project in Nepal to be developed by Non-Resident Nepalese, the first of its kind in Nepal to utilize a Glass Fiber reinforced Plastic pipe as a pressure pipe for flow conduction, and also the first project owned and developed by the Sanima Group.

Construction of SSHP began on 2003 and the project became operational in 2005.

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