As a country, Nepal has long suffered from a severe lack of energy. And this demand for power has only become increasingly urgent as Nepal takes ever larger steps towards socio-economic growth. The situation has escalated to the point that the energy crisis of Nepal has arguably been the most severe problem to sustaining further development.

We, at Sanima Hydropower Private Limited, believe that we can be part of the solution.

Our engagement in and promotion of the hydropower sector in Nepal through private investments began with the  founding of Sanima Hydropower (P) Ltd. in March 1999 . Ever since, we have been offering a range of services in the field of Hydroelectricity production, including site investigation, project planning, desk studies, licensing, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, economic and financial analysis, engineering design, surface geological mapping, construction management, site supervision, environmental impact assessment (EIA)/initial environmental examination (IEE), as well as engineering management services. The primary shareholders of our group are non-resident Nepalese, who are represented by engineering professionals.

At Sanima Hydro, we uphold and adhere to a strong code of ethics and conduct ourselves with utmost responsibility and professionalism at all times. Our maxim has been to always consider our stakeholders and the environment before all else. It is why we maintain a level of transparency in our operations that enables all interested parties to be engaged in and well-informed of our activities. 

Beyond our self-governing activities, Sanima Hydro has also instilled a strong value-based code of ethics into its system. In addition to assuring that we always operate responsibly, we also believe in actively committing our resources for the betterment of the community. Alongside our mission of developing the hydropower field in Nepal, we also seek to promote and enable infrastructural development in the communities we work with as well as preserve and protect our environment.

At the most elementary level, our objective is to supply electricity to the national grid by utilizing Nepal’s natural abundance of hydroelectric potential. We achieve this by promoting the Hydropower sector of Nepal through private investments and also providing all manner of services pertaining to hydroelectric development. As the burgeoning renewable sector receives ever increasing support from the Government of Nepal, coupled with our dedication and expertise, we believe that our hopes of sustaining Nepal with eco-friendly renewable energy, while generating benefits for the community and our shareholders, is not only pragmatic but also achievable.

It is what drives us at Sanima Hydropower Group – our desire to provide Nepal with renewable hydroelectric energy for a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.